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A healthy society can be built only by healthy people ICL Kaushal Vikash believes in this dictum and realizes the importance of leading a healthy and prosperous life. Our VISION is to impart holistic education to the student teachers for their academic excellence and inculcating National and human values in them through academic co-curricular and socially meaningful activities We are a forward-thinking ICL Kaushal Vikas aiming to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and respect for core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and compassion. Developing these skills is the corner stone of the education we offer. Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.


The mission of the College of Education is to help prepare outstanding educators, scholars, and researchers, and to advance the profession of education, as broadly defined, through research on the science and art of teaching and learning, the application of clinical processes, the effective uses of technology, and the analysis and development of leadership and educational policy.


To improve the quality of teacher education.
To promote the role of education for National and International integration.
To foster the inter cultural integration.
To create conducive atmosphere for the promotion of education by reaching it in the problem areas.
To give impetus to women education.
To promote education among the weaker sections including minorities SC/ST/OBC ’s socially deprived sections.
To foster democratic values such as values of citizenship communal harmony national cohesion etc.
To Develop among the teacher a feeling of dignity of labour.
To promote the cause of environmental protection .
To inculcate among the students the values as enshrined in Indian culture like Satyam Shivam Sundaram (Moral Values)
To keep the learners in constant touch with the happening taking place globally with the proper use of internet.